Sypsas Vasileios

Sypsas Vasileios

Dr. Sypsas Basil is Chemist, PhD, University of Patras specializing Food Biotechnology and holds MSc in Food Biotechnology.

Since November 2012 until now works in quality control department of the pharmaceutical Vianex and for five years (2007-2012), was a large laboratory strain (AGENT Laboratories) testing and food analysis.

As a researcher he has participated in research projects (Pythagoras EPEAEK II PENED 03ED657, Western Greece DEL_13) and has published work (Monograph, Books & Book Chapters) and scientific articles on topics related to food biotechnology, the production of wine, beer and dairy products with innovative biotechnological methods and the use of waste to produce high value added products.

His research interests focus on the production of food and beverages with functional properties using biotechnology and the development and application of instrumental analytical methods for the determination of contaminants in foods, oils and beverages.