Panagiotopoulos Dimitrios

Panagiotopoulos Dimitrios

Professor at the University of Athens, Attorney at Law in Supreme Court and Council of State, Vice-Rector(f) and President of University Research Committee,University of Central Greece, President of International Association of Sports Law.


• Degree in Law, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki.

• Graduate Sports Science and Ph.Ed., University of Athens -Thessaloniki.

• Master of Philosophy Studies, University of Athens.

• Doctor of Sports Law, University of Athens.

B. Academic and professional positions

•    Professor of Sports law ,University of Athens since 2014

•    Associate Professor of Sports Law, University of Athens since 2005.

•    Assoc. Prof. (PD 407) at the University of the Peloponnese in the years 2003-2008.

•    Asst. Prof. of Sports Law, University of Athens 1992-2004.

•    Lecturer, University of Athens 1988-1992.

•    Advocate, Attorney at-Law in Supreme Court and Council of State, Member of the Athens Bar Association since 1992 .

•    Legal Consultant in many Legal persons and Sports Federations and organizations.

•    Director of the personal Law Firm and Partners, who undertake law cases of Sports Law and cases in the fields of Commercial Law, Civil law, Contracts, & Torts, Product Liability Law, Labour Law, Comparative Law, Finance and Administrative Law.

•    Special Expert in Sports Law in the European Union.

•    Member of Sports law committees of Ministry of Culture.

•    Member of the Legal Council of the Union of Anonym Society Companies since 2002.

•    Member of the Committee of the European Presidency (2003-2004), responsible of sports legislation and the establishment of Sports Law Code.

C. Scientific activities

•    Participation in the Organization of many of Scientific Conferences - Congresses-Seminars - Symposiums, covering the Sports Science and Sports Law.

•    Member of many Greek and foreign scientific societies.

•    President of the Greek Center of Sports Law Research (EKEAD).

•    Author and editor of several scientific books and monographs. The project has been warmly commented upon by many personalities of political and scientific world and the daily press in Greece and abroad.

•    Published work over 200 scientific studies in Greek and International scientific journals, with many reports of other Greek and foreign scientists and participation in many Greek and international scientific conferences and Congresses.

•    President of the International Association of Sports Law (IASL) since 2009 (, also Founder member and Secretary General from 1992 until 2008.

•    Editor of the international journal of IASL "International Sports Law Review Pandektis" and Greek journal “Lex Sportiva”.