Iakovou Maria

Iakovou Maria

Maria Iakovou is Assistant Professor, Dept. of Linguistics, School of Philosophy

Research interests

  •     Instructed Acquisition of Greek as a Second Language: relation of learning theories to the classroom teaching
  •     Teaching Greek as a Second Language: classroom discourse and pedagogy
  •     Teaching Skills and Vocabulary in L2
  •     Language Assessment
  •     Modality in L2


Undergraduate courses

  •     Introduction to Linguistics (ΦΦΓ01)
  •     Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (ΓΦΓ18, ΚΦΓ18)
  •     Modern Greek: Morphology

Postgraduate courses

  •     Evaluating teaching material for Greek as a Second Language
  •     Learning and Teaching Second Language Vocabulary
  •     Teaching methodologies in the learning of Greek as a Second Language (theory and practice)