Fournaros Sotiris

Fournaros Sotiris

Faculty member of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology, Department of Philosophy, University of Athens. He collaborated with other Universities both in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He has been awarded from the Academy of Athens with “Adamantios Koraes’s Prize”. His published in Greece and abroad papers focus on Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Education, Ethics, Neohellenic Enlightenment, Modern Greek Philosophy. He is a member of Greek and International Philosophical Associations, holding posts in the Board of Directors in many of them.

Among his books are:

* The Experimental Philosophy according to Anthimos Gazes. The Hellenic Diaspora and Modernity

* Approaches to the Hellenic Philosophy of the Diaspora

* From Philosophy to Politics and Paideia in Cornelius Castoriadis’s Thought


The family of the E-learning of the University of Athens mourns for the tragic loss of a friend and collaborator, Sotiris Fournaros.
Sotiris was an exemplary university teacher and researcher, as well as a person who always cared for the others. He will always live in our hearts.