Fintikakis Nikos

Fintikakis Nikos

Nikos Fintikakis, architect, studied at the National Technical University of Athens and post–graduated at the Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh. He is senior partner and managing Director of “SYNTHESIS AND RESEARCH Ltd” G. Albanis-N. Fintikakis and partners Architects - consulting engineers (

 He is member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, of the Association of Greek Architects and of the Greek Consulting firms Association (HELLASCO). 

He is Director of the U.I.A. work programme “ARES” on Architecture and Renewable Energy Sources ( , UIA Council Member, Coordinator of the Joint education and practice commission (JCEP) and UIA representative for CPD programs.

 He has been awarded many prizes and Medals in Greek and International Architectural Competitions as well as Research Projects of the EU. 

His architectural work is specifically related in the fields of Bioclimatic - Environmental Architecture.

He is the Designer of the EU awarded project ASPIRE (Archaeological Sites Protection Implementing Renewable Energy). 

He has participated in many Architectural Exhibitions in Greece and Internationally. He has also given lectures to Research Centres, Universities and International Scientific fora on Archaeology, Urban Planning, Administration Centers, Cultural Centers, Educational Projects, Tourism and Leisure Projects, and major Infrastructure Transportation Projects with the use of Renewable Energy Sources. 

His recent lectures are the following:

2013    8/06/2013. Presentation in the “Building Solar China” Conference in Guangzhou, China.

2013    12/06/2013. Presentation in the Forum of the TCG – SADAS PEA – HELLENIC SECTION OF UIA with subject:“Education and Environment”.

2013    05/9/2013 Presentation in a Conference concerning smart materials under the title: “Smart Matters” at CAMP – Contemporary Art Meeting Point in Athens. 

2013        01/10/2013 Joint Lecture of the Helliniki Etairia – Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage and the UIA Greek Section in the framework of the World Architecture Day under the title: “The trench of the Akrotiri excavation in Santorini and the Society” in the Technical Chamber of Greece in Athens.

2013    1/11/2013. Presentation in a Forum of the Faculty of Engineering of the Aristotle University – TCG –Hellenic Section of UIA under the title “Interdisciplinary approach to infrastructure” in Thessaloniki.

2013    13/11/2013. Presentation in a Forum of the Technical Chamber of Greece under the title “The financial crisis and the production system for Public Works” 

2013    09/12/2013. Presentation in a Forum of the Acharnes Municipality and the Athens Chamber of small and medium Industries under the title “Smart materials: Saving Energy and improvement of the urban microclimate”

2014    4/09/2014. Presentation in the “Building Solar China” Conference in Shanghai.

2014    16-18/10/2014. Presentation in the 1st International Conference on Volcanic Landscapes “VOLAND” in Santorini. 

2015    28/4/2015. Presentation in the International Solar Energy and Green Building Conference in Shanghai.

2015    9/5/2015. Presentation in the American University in Cairo hosted by AUC’S Architectural Engineering Program and the Society of Egyptian Architects.

2016    10/2/2016. Presentation in the Conference Smart Mauritius Summit 2016 in Mauritius.

2016    9/3/2016. Presentation in the Conference of the European project “Qualicheck” of the University of Athens.

2016    23-24/4/2016. Presentation in the Renewable Energy and Social Housing Event in Hammamet, Tunisia.

He has numerous publications in Greek and International Architectural magazines and press.

He is coordinating many Greek and European public and private projects and Research Programs.

He has participated, as member of the jury, in many National and International Architectural Competitions.