Bella Spyridoula

Bella Spyridoula

Bella Spyridoula is Associate Professor, Dept. of Linguistics, School of Philosophy

Research interests

  •     Pragmatics
  •     Interlanguage Pragmatics 
  •     Second language acquisition and second language teaching (with emphasis on Greek)


Graduate courses

  •     Pragmatics
  •     Language Aquisition
  •     Final assignment

Postgraduate courses
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

  •  Semantics-Pragmatics

    Teaching of Greek as a Foreign Language
  •     Introduction to Applied Linguistics (SEcond Language Learning Theories)
  •     Methodology in Language Teaching

Publications (selection)


    Bella, S. (2011). Η Δεύτερη Γλώσσα: Κατάκτηση και Διδασκαλία (Αναθεωρημένη Έκδοση). Αθήνα: Εκδόσεις Πατάκη. [The Second Language: Acquisition and Teaching (revised edition). Athens: Patakis].